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Membership is open to all those who give, take, and manage credit or have affinity with credit presently or in the past.

Welcome to the Institute of Credit Administration

The Institute of Credit Administration (ICA) is Nigeria's only nationally recognized professional credit management body, solely dedicated to the provision of micro and macro credit management education, award of specialist qualifications, development of skills and capacity building of people involved in everyday management of trade, financial, consumer and business credits not only in Nigeria, but throughout Africa and the rest of the world.

  • Credit Management Training Courses

    • Foundation Credit Analysis Course

      Jan. 28th-29th, 2015
      10 AM Prompt

      Objective: Understand the process by which credit decisions are made and the critical risk factors that need to be.... MORE

    • Knowledge Based Customer Credit Assessment

      Feb. 25th - 26th, 2015 Prompt

      Objective: To enhance credit and business decision quality, facilitate easy and quick assessment of business and credit... MORE

    • Company Credit Report

      Mar. 25th - 26th, 2015 Prompt

      Objective: What is CCR and its objectives, what CCR reveals on a company, In-depth understanding of Company Credit Report... MORE

    ICA Board of Fellows And Credit Committee (BFCC)

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